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Line Notes for Actors & Crew™ Quick-Start User Guide (iPad/iPhone)

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After each rehearsal, you'll receive an email from your SM or AD, or someone equally amazing, with an attached file customized just for you. 

 The app will allow you to import the specific rehearsal file with just a click and then dynamically review your Line or Tech Notes right on your iPhone or iPad. 

Get Started

Get Off-Book

 As a bonus, the Line Notes for Actors & Crew app let's you highlight your lines then use the Blackout Feature to get off-book even faster. 

You can use the app with any Script emailed to you by your SM or AD, or import a pdf of any script or audition sides yourself.  

Ever cover up your lines with your hand and play peek-a-boo to see if you knew them?  

It's kind of like that but way better. 

Learn about Learn Mode

Set Up


Enter Your Name and Email address

Enter your Email and Name. Be sure to use the same email address that your SM or AD is using for you. Click on ACCOUNT at the top left of the Script Selection screen at any time to update or change your info.

Get Your Notes

Tap and Hold(briefly)

Open the Email

You'll receive an email from your SM or AD, or someone else who is equally as amazing, with an attached .linenotes file, customized just for you. It will looks like this one to the right. It's the first attached file and has the GREEN Line Notes Logo. 

Tap and Hold(briefly) the first email attachment.  It is the GREEN .linenotes file. 

*The other file is a static .pdf file for cast and crew member who don't have an iPhone or iPad. It contains all of the rehearsal session notes but lacks the robust interactivity of working with the information using the Line Notes app.

Click on the Copy To LineNotes icon


After A pop-up window similar to the image to the right will appear.  Click on the Copy To Line Notes icon and the rehearsal session file will added and the Line Notes app will open.  If you have numerous apps you may have to swipe left until you see the Line Notes app icon pictured in the image on the right.


Confirm Your Email Address

Confirm that your email address is correct and click OK.  By default, the email address that you entered in the Set Up step above will appear in this dialog box.  

HINT: If you click OK and you get an error message it means that the email address the file was sent to does not match the email address you entered in the Set Up.  Typo, perhaps? 

Maybe This Time by Michael Madden used with permission.  Click Image above for more info.

Tap on the Script

Your script will now appear in the Script Selection screen. Tap to Open. 

HINT: Each rehearsal session file you receive will update the prior Script on your iPhone or iPad so that you'll only see one script for your show on the Script Selection screen.  You can open and review your Notes for the most recent rehearsal session or any past rehearsal date, at any time, 


Your Notes Have Arrived

When the script opens it will Immediately jump to the page with your first Note and your specific Line Notes or Tech Note Location will be highlighted. 

Each Note Type such as Line Call, Skipped Line, Paraphrase, Inverted, Dropped, Blocking, Light Cue, Sound Cue, Backstage Note, etc., will be highlighted in a different color and will be described in the lower left of the screen. (See Orange rectangle)

You can toggle from note to note using the forward/back arrows at the bottom right of the screen. (See Blue rectangle)

To use the Notes Navigator, described in the next section, click on the Notes Navigator icon. (See Red rectangle)

The No Sound* VIDEO below shows a step-by-step live progression for reviewing your Line or Tech Notes. 

*We remain silent, invisible, mighty, dressed in black and highly effective. Be warned.


Notes Navigator

TAP the Notes Navigator icon at the bottom center of the screen (See the Red rectangle in the previous image) and the Notes Navigator Window will appear. You can scroll, tap and jump to any of your Notes.

HINT: The page number listed will correspond to actual page position in the scrolling script you were sent. It will not always match the page number printed on the script page.


Special Features on an Ipad

If you're on an iPad, you can utilize a few additional enhanced feature to view each Note with a small Note Detail Pop-Up Window appearing adjacent to the highlighted Note itself.

TAP on any Highlighted Text. (See First RED Arrow)


TAP on the Note Description in the bottom left. (See Second RED Arrow)

The VIDEO below shows a step-by-step progression of reviewing your Line or Tech Notes. 


Note Detail Pop-Up Window (iPad Only)

Once the Note Detail Pop-Up Window appears you can use the forward/back arrows at the bottom right to cycle through your notes with the detailed Pop-Up Window on screen.

HINT: To Dismiss the Pop-Up Window, Tap CLOSE on the window itself, Tap anywhere on the script, or Tap on the Note Description at the bottom left of the screen. 

Learn Mode


Highlight Your Lines and Play Peek-A-Boo

You can use the LEARN MODE feature with any script you've imported on iPhone and iPad. 

Watch the VIDEO below to see LEARN MODE in action. The video shows the actions for reviewing your Line Notes first and the LEARN MODE functionality towards the end. 

Learn Mode Step-by-Step:

You can use any script that you've already received from your SM or AD, (or any script you've scanned and imported yourself).  

OPEN the Script.

TAP on LEARN at the top center of your screen. (See Red Rectangle).   

TAP the Highlighting Tool at the top right. (See Green Rectangle) 

SWIPE all your lines to highlight so you can play peek-a-boo using the blackout feature. 

TAP the BLACKOUT icon at the bottom of the screen to cover up your lines and play Peek-a-Boo.  (The BLACKOUT icon looks like any Eye with a line through it.)

Add Bookmarks to Quickly Jump to your scenes so you don't have to scroll through dozens of pages to get to your lines. 

HINT #1: All your actions in LEARN MODE are purely for you to work with and learn your lines.  They have no effect whatsoever on the Line Notes you receive from your SM.  LEARN MODE is totally separate and the bookmarks and the highlighted lines you create only exist in LEARN MODE. 

HINT #2:  You can import ANY script or audition sides to learn your lines, at any time.   Any document in PDF format can be easily imported into the Line Notes app. 

CLICK for More Info. 

Tap the Highlight Tool Icon


Click on the Highlight Tool Icon to start highlighting your lines. 

Highlight A Line


It's like finger-painting except you only get to use yellow paint and are limited to horizontal lines.  

(It's still fun, though.)

Highlight More Lines


HINT: Highlight Your Lines but NOT  your Character Name. Not a law but for some crazy reason it works better.  

Stella or Sandy might have said that. Or, perhaps not. 

Tap the Highlight Tool Again


Tapping the Highlight Tool again will leave you in LEARN mode, and now allow you to start learning your lines and using the Blackout Feature. 



Click on the BLACKOUT Icon to hide your lines and play Peek-A-Boo. 

I See you


Whoa!, where'd you go?

You can toggle the BLACKOUT icon rapidly if you need just a quick peek at that line. 


Scroll to the desired location in your script that you'd like to jump to quickly. Click on the Create Bookmark icon located at the bottom of the screen and circled in Red above. 

HINT: Creating Bookmarks is for LEARN MODE only so you can jump to your scenes quickly. It is not for the ever-changing LineNote files you'll be reviewing in NOTES MODE. 

Add Bookmarks to Quickly Jump to Your Scenes.


Name the bookmark. 

HINT: The page #'s indicated in your bookmarks are those of the pdf and not necessarily the page #'s printed on the script. If it's the same, that's great.  But, if not, you may want to include the page # printed on the script page in the name you choose for the bookmark. For instance, 

"Act One Scene 4-pg. 37"


Click on the Bookmark Menu icon circled in Red above to quickly jump to any of your bookmarked scenes or key pages. 

Importing Any Script or Audition Side

Step #1: Add a PDF of any Script

It's super easy and can be done in two different ways:

Method #1: If you have the PDF file on iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other Cloud storage that you can access on your iPhone or iPad then simply click the + sign at the top right of the Script Selection Screen, then Click on Import from Cloud and navigate to your PDF file. 

Click on "Import from Cloud" and add any pdf from iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Click on "Import from Cloud" and add any pdf from iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Method #2:  Email the PDF to an email address that you can check on your iPad. Tap and Hold(briefly) the email attachment and a pop-up window similar to the image to the right will appear.  Click on the Copy To Line Notes icon and the pdf will be added. 

Hint: Be sure the script is a PDF file and not any other file type.  The file name should end in .pdf.  The pages should be in single-page scrolling format and not two pages side-by-side.   If you need to scan a script, we recommend cleanly cutting the binding and using a tray-fed scanner.  

Need a quick way to scan a script using just an iPhone or iPad?


Video Live Example of Major Features

This Short Video with NO SOUND shows an actual iPad screen with the user Reviewing Notes, using the Notes Navigator, and entering LEARN MODE and highlighting their lines in order to use the Blackout Feature.

Be sure to read the written instructions above prior to watching the video to have a basic understanding of what you're watching.  The small Note Detail Popup window that appears right next to the corresponding and highlighted Note in the video is a feature you'll see only when using an iPad but not when viewing your Line or Tech Notes on an iPhone. 



I'm trying to import a script I scanned on my own to learn my lines and use the Blackout Feature, (not a script file sent to me by a SM), and it won't import. What am I doing wrong?

The File type MUST BE a PDF. It must end in .pdf 

Here's what WILL work: .PDF or .pdf

Here's what WON'T work: Anything other file type such as .doc .docx, .odt,  .rtf, .tex, .txt, .wks, .wps, .wpd.

See the two methods above for Importing Any Script or Audition Side

I don't have a scanner. How can I get the script into Line Notes?

This is a quick way to scan a script using just an iPhone or iPad. Here's a link to a free and clever app. More Info

This free Adobe Scan app does a great job of creating PDFs using just your iPhone or iPad's camera. You simply snap a photo of each script page and the app creates a pdf that you can share to your Line Notes app instantly.  It's very quick and does a surprisingly excellent job.  It took us less than 10 minutes to scan and import a 60-page script.

Can I have both versions of Line Notes on my iPad?

Yes.  The Line Notes for Stage Managers is the version of the app that allows a show's stage management team to Capture Line and Tech notes and distribute them to Cast and Crew.  The Stage Managers version is only available on iPad and you can safely operate it on the same iPad as your Actors & Crew version.  

Download Line Notes For Stage Managers

I have a question that's not answered on this page. What should I do?

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Questions? Send us a Message. We are dressed in black, wearing headsets, and are used to performing the impossible while remaining invisible. We will respond within 24 hours and typically much faster.


Be sure to check the User Guides above for most answers to all tech questions.  If you ask a question that's not covered in the User Guide info then you'll get a gold star, a free puppy and be pre-cast in the Broadway production of your choice.*

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