Official Launch of both Line Notes apps for iPad®/iPhone® occurred on 2-25-19

Line Notes App-About Us

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It's a Passion

The Line Note Apps were painstakingly designed and developed over the past 6 years by seasoned and professional Stage Managers, Directors, Actors and Tech experts for use at all levels and for all types of live performance theatre.

Take Actor Line Notes app

To Make a Difference

The Line Notes for Stage Managers for iPad was created to empower Stage Managers and AD's the ability to quickly capture and distribute line and tech notes to cast and crew.

The app allows a show's SM, AD, ASM, or anyone, to Quickly Capture Line and Tech Notes for cast and crew with a simple Swipe-Tap-Tap. It allows highlighting of any issues or errors in the scrolling script with one-click distribution after each rehearsal session.

Stage Manager taking line notes and tech notes for Stage play

For the Love of our Art

The Line Notes for Actors & Crew for iPhone and iPad is FREE

and allows the entire cast and crew to quickly review line and tech notes that pertain to them. 

As an added feature, Actors can use the blackout feature to play "peek-a-boo" with their lines to get off-book even quicker. 

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Questions? Send us a Message. We will respond within 24 hours and typically quicker than that.


Be sure to review the User Guides & FAQ's 

for comprehensive info and helpful hints.